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Bizri International Company (BICO) is an engineering firm that specializes in execution, design, project management and project maintenance. With roots that go back to 1990, the firm was originally a construction company focusing on residential buildings and then, in 2006, became known as BICO. Today BICO is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon and has a network of branches in the MENA region.


BICO has a dynamic, flexible team of talented engineers and specialists. We have a core team in addition to skilled individuals we work with on a project-basis. Our set-up, support system and reliability let us deliver solutions and rise to the challenge of large and complex projects.


BICO's main mission is client satisfaction. To this end we are professional at all times and deliver quality work on-time and with-in budget.


BICO's vision is to further our reputation and growth. We strive to achieve this while maintaining quality, heightening our reliability and exceeding clients' expectations.


Our corporate culture is based on cooperation, discipline, hard work and a genuine
drive to satisfy clients. These values typify BICO.